Slides of the degree thesis. Recommendations on how to prepare them

The slides of the thesis of degree, are visual tools that will help you to make the presentation of your work of degree. They are well designed sheets that will positively impact the qualifying jury at the time of exposing or defending grade work. Hence its importance.

At the end of the thesis and be approved by the jury in its preliminary stage, comes the defense of it. In it, you must convince the jury that the research work you did is important. It is related to the professional career, in other words it adds value to the researcher and the university.

There are many links on the Internet that talk about how to make the slides of the thesis. Some better than others, also if you search the web, you will get free templates in which you can support you to design your presentation. However, in this article I will give you some recommendations that I usually give to the thesis students who are about to present, I hope they serve you.

1. – The design of the slides.

For the design of the thesis slides, it is important to have good taste. However, I believe that the following aspects should be taken into consideration:

a) Background color.

White background or light colors

The letter should be of contrast color to the background. So you can use the traditional black or some dark color.

Combine the colors, using gradients of the same. For example blue and its various shades or green, do not mix more than 3 strong colors, such as red, orange and apple green.

One recommendation that a web design teacher gave us was that the colors and degradations of reds, pinks, oranges tired the eyes. Therefore it was not advisable to use them as a background and if there were people with color blindness, they could not appreciate the color, therefore, he did not use them.

b) Typefaces.

Do not use cursive.

Likewise, the size of the letter must be greater than or equal to 24 points. The type can be Arial or Times New Roman, or any other similar type. The important thing is that it is legible and clearly visible.

c) Images, photos and figures.

If you are going to use images, avoid gif (.gif) images that have a lot of movement.

Use photos that look sharp.

Try that the graphics and figures are taken from your thesis and that they can be clearly visualized.

If you are going to use university logos, try to make it the last design and if it appears on the internet use it, if you do not scan it to be able to clocar in the slides.

d) Sounds and animations.

Avoid the sounds, the movements in the slides of the thesis of degree, animations, this distracts the jury and does not pay the due attention to your work of degree. What originated that you put a note that is not what you deserve.

2. – Content of the sheets

The ideal is that you take an order in it, so grab your thesis and start to review the information

Use mental or conceptual maps to describe the work in a summarized way, you should identify it so that both the jury and you, are clear by which section you go.

a) The problem.

You must place the micro of the problem and the justification.

Research objectives: General and specific.

You can both present them by means of a diagram, mental or conceptual map.

b) Theoretical Framework.

Here you can indicate the theorists with whom you worked, if you have background, legal bases, each one separately and with its due title, remember the use of mental and conceptual maps.

c) Methodological Framework.

Indicates the type of research, population and sample, data collection techniques.

d) Results.

It is interesting that you choose the most outstanding of your data collection instrument. It can be a graph of an applied interview, an aspect of a checklist, etc. Select what really reflects the research you did.

e) Conclusions and recommendations.

Use words to identify the conclusions, do not put too much text or bored the presentation, the same with the recommendations.

f) Closure.

Remember that the round of questions is coming. Some people usually put a reflection related to the topic or education, a message of success, a thought, thanks, here is according to your taste.

Final recommendations

The important thing is the information that you use in your presentation. It is important that you work with the document that you submitted, I have known cases that after making changes and corrections to the thesis, the students finish making a presentation that does not agree with the document. And it has happened even with defenses of masters and specializations

I remember a case of a master’s thesis that was very well prepared, the author had done it in her workplace and was very well prepared. The day of the defense arrived and by mistake a draft of the presentation was taken. Needless to say that the attack of nerves was such that he started crying in front of the jury. However, after the crisis, he began to defend the work, practically without presentation, getting to approve his thesis.

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